The Republic of Carthage

The Republic of Carthage (1998)

Expansion for The Republic of Rome

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The Republic of Carthage reflects the events of approximately 350 years in the life of the Carthaginian Republic. Playable standalone or as an expansion to The Republic of Rome that depicts the competition of the two republics. Now, instead of all the players representing the leaders of Rome, a second board and set of cards and pieces are set up for a team representing the leaders of Carthage. That this republic has a somewhat different governmental structure and runs on trade rather than public concessions reflects historic reality. Both republics run basically in parallel, expanding their empires, resolving their internal difficulties and eventually crashing into one another head-on. Players must balance their personal goals with the need for their republic to thrive and even survive. As of July 2017 available for purchase at Still also available is the PnP version at in which all cards are monochrome to maximize ease and minimize expense of printing.