Mare Nostrum: Empires – Atlas Expansion

Mare Nostrum: Empires – Atlas Expansion (2016)

Expansion for Mare Nostrum: Empires

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Atlas Expansion adds to Mare Nostrum - Empires the 6th player including a game board expansion (increase map size by 50%), Atlas starting hero, 8 legions, 5 triremes, 5 fortresses, 7 control markers, 5 leadership markers, 9 resources, forum mat, and player screen. Atlas Expansion includes new heroes, cards, counters, scenarios, and tiles with: the 2 players rule book expansion; the Barbarians (a special set with 3 triremes, 3 fortresses, and 8 Barbarians hordes); Troy!, a military expansion; Jerusalem!, a cultural expansion; Syracuse!, an economic expansion; the Mausoleum; the Greek Fire; the Myrmidons! the Centaurs!