Ultimate Werewolf: Classic Movie Monsters

Ultimate Werewolf: Classic Movie Monsters (2010)

Expansion for Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition

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Ultimate Werewolf: Classic Movie Monsters is an expansion that includes six all-new roles, including The Blob, Frankenstein's Monster, Teenage Werewolf and more. For instance, The Blob slowly oozes across the village, one player at a time; if everyone in the village is part of The Blob, that player wins! Frankenstein's Monster gets special powers from other players as they die, becoming a great asset to the village as the game progresses. Teenage Werewolf is so excited to be a werewolf that each day he must say "Werewolf!" This expansion is fully compatible with Ultimate Werewolf: Ultimate Edition, Ultimate Werewolf: Compact Edition,Ultimate Werewolf, and Ultimate Werewolf: Deluxe Edition.