Netrunner: Classic

Netrunner: Classic (1999)

Expansion for Netrunner

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Classic or v2.2 is the second and last Netrunner expansion. It was released over 3 years after Proteus hit the stores. The set was only comprised of 52 cards, sold in 8-card boosters. This "mini-expansion" featured cards that were originally designed for the unreleased expansion "Silent Impact" that never saw the light of day due to WOTC's decision to discontinue the game. Classic introduced new card types. "Double Preps" and "Double Operations" took two consecutive actions to play but offered larger rewards that would speed up game play and make room for more powerful cards in deck design. In addition to that, a new ice type was added to the Corps arsenal. "Deflectors" now allowed the Corp to send the Runner down the wrong rabbit hole by sending them to another data fort. Hinting at other innovations to the game that will never be developed, this expansion sadly marks the end of WotC's Netrunner game. The set is highly sought after due to it extreme rarity.