A Victory Lost


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A Victory Lost (2006)

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A Victory Lost: Crisis in Ukraine, is a simulation of the intense mobile fighting between the Axis and Soviet forces in the southwestern USSR, from the completion of the Soviet encirclement in December 1942 to German Field Marshall von Manstein's famous "Backhand Blow" counterattack. The Soviet forces aims to trap and eliminate the Axis forces that are in full retreat from the Caucasus, while the Axis forces must successfully withdraw and attempt to restore the front line by launching a desperate counterattack. The slightest mistake might turn victory into a rout. A harsh, cold wind blows across the steppes of Russia. With a flurry of thundering explosions, the Russian offensive Operation Saturn begins. Can the Russians encircle and trap the extended German armies? Your orders await you... Part of the International Game Series game from Multi-Man Publishing Game Scale: Game Turn: 10 days Hex: 8 miles / 13 kilometers Units: Division to Corps Game Inventory: One 22 x 34" full-color mapsheet One dual-side printed countersheet (280 1/2" counters) One 16-page Victory Lost rulebook One single-side printed Player Aid Card One 6-sided die Solitaire Suitability: Medium Complexity Level: Medium Players: 2 or more Playing Time: 3-5 hours